Death Becomes Her DVD Box Set


Our design prompt was to create a DVD case and movie poster for a randomly assigned film. I had the extreme pleasure of being assigned the incredible film Death Becomes Her, for which I created a hypothetical “special edition” DVD box set to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the film’s 1992 release.

The box set’s outer packaging was made to look like a vintage medicine or apothecary container, reinforcing the “timelessness” of immortality, as well as emphasizing the role of Dr. Menville in maintaining said eternal life. Within the “Mannequin Touch-Up Kit”, collectors will find a set of paints in skin tone colors, as well as paint brushes, and assorted “spare parts” to accompany a special edition version of the DVD. Don’t worry, the spare parts are just arms and legs from a fashion doll, no actresses were harmed in the creation of this set!

Drawing inspiration from the great Saul Bass to continue the vintage/retro aesthetic, the DVD and poster design calls back to several of the movie’s scenes involving broken limbs. The color scheme was chosen to evoke the film’s themes of the obsession with beauty/femininity (pink) and the violence/vengeance (red) needed to achieve it. I also created a movie poster to match so the (hypothetical) short run theater re-release in honor of the film’s anniversary would reinforce the branding created for the DVD packaging.

The DVD booklet insert was designed as the Playbill for the play in the opening scene of the film that sets the film’s entire plot in motion. This eight page booklet includes details about special features that might be included on this hypothetical re-release of the film, as well as a “Who’s who in the cast” — just like a real Playbill.


school project


art direction, lettering, illustration, typography, packaging design

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