Swan 3D Renderings


Oak Creek Homes is a manufactured and modular home builder with a highly creative marketing team that has an exciting, innovative vision for showcasing the versatility and wide range of options for their homes.

I was given keywords and some reference images to build three scenarios from: creekside, forest, and suburban. From there, I mocked up the layout of the scenes, paying attention to unique environmental details that would not only help set each scenario apart, but also create unique differences between the day and dusk versions of each scenario.


Oak Creek Homes for BDX Solutions


Swan L52EP8 Floorplan


art direction, photo editing, project management

Creek Scenario

With the creek scenario, I wanted to keep the landscape simple but lush to allow the home to really stand out. I chose to use a dramatic post-rainstorm sky for the day lighting to evoke an emotional feeling.

Initial renderings showed a more active creek with a small waterfall, but the client and I agreed this was distracting — particularly with the lighting in the dusk image — and the creek was changed to a calmer flow of water to keep the focus on the home itself.

Concept Mockup
Forest Scenario

For the forest scenario, I chose early morning, “golden hour” lighting and specifically requested there be rays of light cutting through the trees like a natural spotlight on the house. In the dusk version, you can see hills/mountains in the distance and imagine yourself sitting on the front deck, overlooking the valley below as the sun sets in the evening.

I added details of a fire pit with a trail of smoke, hinting at a cozy evening by the fire the night before to help the viewer imagine themselves spending their weekends in the woods with family and friends.

The landscaping was deliberately made to look natural and a little wild, to feel like this home was deep in the woods — the perfect Hill Country getaway from a hectic life in a modern, urban jungle like Houston.

Concept Mockup
Suburban Scenario

The suburban scenario was my favorite, despite being “less exciting” conceptually than the creek and forest scenes. Why?

Because what better way to make a house feel like a home than to see Zeke, the old family dog, sitting in the front yard, waiting for the kids to get home from school? Details like this make renderings feel more relatable and inviting to potential buyers and bring a subtle hint of realism that sets them apart from generic model homes.

Concept Mockup
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