Technical Portfolio Highlights

I’m not just a super cool artist, I also dork out hard over coding and data engineering!

Below are brief summaries of my favorite non-design projects. These projects, while containing thoughtful visual elements, are more technical in nature and live on my technical portfolio site. Click the project links to go directly to the corresponding project page for a full project overview. 

APS Website Redesign

A complete redesign of the Adult Protective Services website in an effort to increase the quality of reports received.

I planned the organization of the site’s content, designed the site maps and user flow, and prototyped high fidelity wireframes.


Adult Protective Services / Texas Department of Family and Protective Services for Sherry Matthews Group


content planning & management, site mapping, UI/UX design, prototyping, wireframing

Flight Delay Predictor

Final project for Data Analytics and Visualization certification at UT Austin. Using a logistic regression model, our team fed flight delay data into the robot to predict the probability of future delays with an accuracy score of 81.43%.

I served as project manager for the project and was in charge of creating the data visualizations and managing the team’s GitHub.


school project


data analysis, data visualization, MySQL/SQLite, python, tableau, advanced excel functions

PokéDex App Design

Concept for an app to track the progress of an artist’s Pokémon art challenge. Front-end design only [at this time].




UI/UX design, prototyping, wireframing