Prepot Responsibly Identity


Prepot Responsibility is a World of Warcraft raiding guild that doesn’t take itself too seriously, so I created a logo that would reflect this. Gaming team/clan identities tend to follow a specific aesthetic and I wanted to create an identity that was not immediately obvious that it was Warcraft or video game related.

I created multiple variants of the logo in “fel green” as well as in each class color for dozens of different usage situations: from the guild website and forums to logos in the different class logos for guild members to use for overlays or other identity in videos or live streams.

The guild site was designed to be very straightforward so information would be easy to find for both guild members as well as potential new recruits. I used WordPress to allow non-technical members of the guild to be able to easily update content like recruitment information and boss kill progression posts on the site without feeling overwhelmed with having to learn how to code. The site was stylized to match the aesthetic of the final raid tier of the expansion and featured imagery and color scheme to reflect the final boss in the design.


Prepot Responsibly


brand management, logo design, web design

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